The Apiary Journal

What is Blended Honey?

Many modern honeys are blended; a mixture of EU and non EU honeys, which are most often then also pasteurised to be sold into supermarkets. The result is a mixed product, impossible for patrons to discern where the honey is from and robbed of its myriad natural health properties. It’s a very easy way of […]

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The Finest World Exclusive Honeys

Bees & Co. is our own brand of honey products, of which we are exceptionally proud. We have gone to great lengths to provide the finest quality, artisan honey products for some of the most exclusive and iconic brands. From jars of honey including our exclusive Black Gold exceptional honey, to 100% raw whole comb […]

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Flying Ethically

We are often asked whether we clip our Queen’s wings. I’m surprised how often we are asked this but also encouraged because it means more people than I imagined are aware of the practice of clipping the wings of a queen bee by beekeepers. It’s a harmless practice in the sense that it doesn’t cause […]

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